Ricoh J6I and Casio CAM to JFIF (JPEG) Converter

I have written two DOS programs to convert these proprietry image formats into the more widely understood JFIF (JPEG File Interchage Format). They can be run under windows but because they have no graphical user interface the effect can be a bit odd. You need to know what you are doing! It is much better to run the programs from a DOS command prompt, rather just clicking the .EXE file.

I have a cobbled together (but just about working) Linux version of these programs which I have used once to convert my old images into .jpg files. I have not posted the Linux sources here because the port is so very crude, but if you'd find it useful, let me know and I will try to make it available.

Just before I stopped windows work, I had almost finished a graphical image viewer called PINFO which can understand many modern EXIF camera files as well as the old Ricoh and Cam formats. You might want to try that.

Ricoh J6I to JFIF converter:

Zipped DOS executable:

Zipped DOS program sources:

Casio CAM to JFIF converter:

Zipped DOS executable:

Zipped DOS program sources:

Main features:

All the hard bits are done by the Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software library. Without this excellent free code, the converter would not have been written. The original page that gave me the clues about reading these formats is no longer on line. It useed to be at

These programs may be used freely used by individuals and not-for-profit organisations, but is provided as is with no waranty or guarantee of fitness for any purpose.


If you find either program useful, please let me know.